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Voltage, Current and Power Gain on an Amplifier Voltage Gain (Δv) The voltage gain is obtained by dividing the output by the input voltage. Δv = Vout / Vin. For example: If an amplifier has an input signal of 0.1 Vpp (peak-peak volts) and has an output signal of 10 Vpp, the voltage gain is: Δv = 10 Vpp / 0.1 Vpp = 100 But an emitter follower can have a current gain Iout/Iin of much more, use the right transistor and the current gain can be a factor 500. To achieve power gain Pout/Pin we must realize that Power = Voltage x Current so if we change the Voltage and/or Current such that output power is increased, we have power gain. In the case of the emitter follower, most power gain is due to the current gain

Current gain varies widely: It is worth noting that for any transistor type there can be a very large spread between different devices. Normally the performance of the circuit does not depend directly on the actual current gain, especially as negative feedback is often included, or for switching applications the actual gain is not critical. It is always wise to ensure there is enough current gain available using the minimum figure given in the datasheets Transducer Gain Derivation The transducer gain is given by GT = PL Pav,S = 1 2ℜ(YL)|V2|2 |IS|2 8ℜ(YS) = 4ℜ(YL)ℜ(YS) V2 IS 2 We need to find the output voltage in terms of the source current. Using the voltage gain we have and input admittance we have V2 V1 = Y21 YL +Y22 IS = V(YS +Yin) V2 IS = Y21 YL +Y22 1 |YS +Yin

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  1. Voltage and current can be amplified. The strange term power amplifier has become understood to mean an amplifier that is intended to drive a load such as a loudspeaker. We call the product of current gain and voltage gain power amplification
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  3. In some applications, the gain of the current sensing has to be different from the one available with our IC (20 V/V, 25 V/V, 50 V/V, or 100 V/V). This gain can be fine-tuned by adding external serial resistances Rs1 and Rs2 (see Figure 2). Note that adding external components modifies the R3/R1 ratio and introduces gain error
  4. hFE of a transistor is the current gain or amplification factor of a transistor. hFE The base current is then amplified by hFE to yield its amplified current. The formula is below: IC= hFEIB=βIB. So if 1mA is fed into the base of a transistor and it has a hFE of 100, the collector current will be 100mA. Every transistor has its own unique hFE. The hFE is normally seen to be a constant.
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  6. to gain currency: sich verbreiten: to gain currency: um sich greifen: to gain currency: Verbreitung finden: currency gain: Währungsgewinn {m} Teilweise Übereinstimmung: to gain: bekommen: to gain: erhalten [erreichen, erlangen] to gain: erlangen: to gain: erreichen: fin. to gain: Gewinn machen: to gain: verstärken: to gain: zugewinnen [selten] [hinzugewinnen] gain: Ausbeute {f} gain: Bereicherung {f} gain
  7. The technical term for an amplifier's output/input magnitude ratio is gain. As a ratio of equal units (power out / power in, voltage out / voltage in, or current out / current in), gain is naturally a unitless measurement. Mathematically, gain is symbolized by the capital letter A

  1. Variable Gain High-Speed Current Amplifier S O P H I S T I C A T E D T O O L S F O R S I G N A L R E C O V E R Y DE-DHPCA-100_R13/LK,JMi/10OKT2019 Page 1 of 9 Features 2 Transimpedance (gain) switchable from 1 x 10 to 1 x 10 8 V/A Bandwidth from DC up to 200 MHz Upper cut-off frequency switchable to 1 MHz, 10 MHz or full bandwidt
  2. Current Amplifiers. Sub Femto Ampere Var. Gain - DDPCA; Fixed Gain up to 400 kHz - LCA; Fixed Gain up to 400 MHz - HCA; Variable Gain up to 500 kHz - DLPCA; Variable Gain up to 200 MHz - DHPCA; Voltage Amplifiers. Variable Gain 100 kHz - DLPVA; 10 MHz, 200 MHz or 500 MHz - HVA; Variable Gain 100/200 MHz - DHPVA; Logarithmic 100 MHz - HLVA; GHz-Wideband Amplifier
  3. Thus the differential collector current signal is converted to a single ended voltage signal without the intrinsic 50% losses and the gain is greatly increased. This is achieved by copying the input collector current from the left to the right side where the magnitudes of the two input signals add. For this purpose, the input of the current mirror is connected to the left output and the output of the current mirror is connected to the right output of the differential amplifier

Conceptually, an ideal current mirror is simply an ideal current amplifier with a gain of -1. In Chapter 8 we explored the transistor and you should recall that the BJT device is a current amplifier of sorts (current controlled current source) in that the collector current is β times the base current. The problem with using this feature directly is that β is not a well controlled value from. Biodiversity Gain: current policy. In practice, many local planning authorities are already requesting biodiversity gain as part of their development decision making. Many already have a Local Plan policy that requires biodiversity gain. It is therefore important to be aware of what is actually required now, in terms of both policy and law, when taking forward a new development application.

±100 µV Offset (Max, Gain = 300 V/V) Accuracy ±0.25% Shunt Voltage Gain Error (Max) ±0.15% Bus Voltage Gain Error (Max) 1.25% Power Error (Max) 0.3 µV/°C Offset Drift (Max) 50 ppm/°C Gain Drift (Max) Programmable Gains . Current Shunt Voltage Gains: 20, 128, 300; Bus Voltage Attenuations: 1/10, 1/5, 2/5; Monitors/Measures/Reports: Instantaneous Powe Power Supply Current GAIN = GND or GAIN = VCC SD = VCC 30 55 mA Power Supply Current ICC GAIN = GND or GAIN = VCC SD = GND 0.01 2 µA Shutdown De-Assert Delay Time from SD > VILto output common-mode voltage 90% of nominal value. Measured at OUTP and OUTN. 2 μs LOGIC DC CHARACTERISTICS Input Logic 0 VIL GAIN, SD -0.3 +0.8 V Input Logic 1 VIH GAIN, SD 2.0 VCC+ 0.3

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Gain:The measure of how much a circuit amplifies a signal. Gain may be stated as a ratio of input to output voltage,current or power, such as a voltage gain of 4, or a power gain of 2, or it can be expressed in decibels, such as a line amplifier with a gain of 10 dB. Conductive Hearing Loss: a loss of sensitivity to sound, resulting from a Enter the voltage for this point in the On base-emitter voltage (Vbe_hFEMax) at max gain collector current field. Using the Ic vs. hFE graph from the previous section, locate the Ic-hFE curve at the base temperature that was used to enter data on the third tab of this dialog box. At the point corresponding to 0.5 of the maximum DC Current Gain (hFE), note the coordinate for the collector.

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Measure the current gain of a 2N3904 transistor using the constant current source circuit from design exercise 6-1. If you measure the collector current through the collector/load resistor for a variety of base currents (i.e. change the base resistor or the voltage applied to it), then you should be able to extract a value for β. (Estimated time: 1 hour) 2. (same set-up as lab exercise 1. In the current rate method, the cumulative translation adjustment (CTA), which is the loss/gain associated with the currency translation, is held on the balance sheet as an unrealized gain or loss.

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